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Projectors or light boxes to achieve this. 02). If your canvas is much bigger than photo onto your canvas, transform its size to page 51 Issue 061 January 2011 Chapter 03: Female Portraiture reference, as I find it’s a more intuitive way of Of course, you could just use the colors exactly working, rather than a precise one. But that’s as you see them in the photo, but that isn’t just me. always such a good idea - like in this case. Also, choosing your own color palette will stop the Whichever method you use, it doesn’t matter, work from being a direct “photocopy”, which in because when it comes to painting, one thing most cases is rather boring to do anyway and still holds true: if you don’t know how to paint, pointless too, unless it’s for practice.

In this series industry professionals will be teaching us the art fundamentals that they put into practice, and will be sharing amazing tips that we can all use to improve the quality of our work. Art Fundamentals Chapter 01: Composition Art Fundamentals Article: Chapter 01 - Composition Software used: Photoshop Composition is the first word on the best artists’ lips when they start an image. But what is composition? It’s basically the layout of elements and a visual vocabulary that leads your eyes around an image and makes it interesting.

Now, I don’t want to change the hair in any way, as I think it’s one of the lovely things about the reference photo - it frames her face beautifully. So I’m going to change her top and get rid of most of the skin that is still visible, while filling in the gap that was left by the cropping at the same time. At this point I also decide to pop the colors some more Right, the hair. 15). far too detailed, hair by hair. Now, if you look at the reference picture, you can see how her hair is in bundles or strands and there’s only a very few stray single hairs floating about.

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