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By M. A. Rashid, D. P. Singh

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The fruits are allowed to ripen fully. The factors are taken into consideration to judge full maturity in cucumber as follows : (i) Yellow or brown or brownish-yellow or russetting skin colour of fruit, (ii) Carpel separation in transverse section of fruit, (iii) fruit stalk adjacent to the fruit withers, (iv) mature seeds separate easily from the interior flesh. After full maturity fruits are harvested and kept 5-7 days for post-harvest maturity spreading in one single layer with a space between the fruits in a shade dry place under ordinary condition.

After 4 to 5 days it is turned up side down and allowed to cure for another four to five days in the same way. It is then threshed with sticks and sifted with hand sifters. After thorough drying of seed in partial sun (up to 7 percent moisture content) it is cleaned and stored. Seed Yield Cabbage seed yield varies from 200 to 1000 kg/ha. The seed yield depends on prevailing temperature during the growing season, cool temperature during flowering and seed development results in higher seed yield.

28 Manures & Fertilizers Chilli has a long growing season and therefore, needs a judicious application of fertilizers. The following doses of manures and fertilizers have been recommended. Cowdung/Compost Urea TSP MP Gypsum Zinc oxide 15 tons / h a 200 Kg/ ha 300Kg / ha 200 Kg/ ha : 110 120 Kg / ha : 5Kg/ha : : : : - The entire amount of cowdung/compost, TSP, Zinc oxide, Gypsum and one-third of the urea and MP is applied at the time of final land preparation while the rest of the urea and MP is applied at two equal installments,25 and 50 days after planting.

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