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From the hilarious mischief of the elf Puck to the tough humor of the self-centered backside and his fellow avid gamers, from the palace of Theseus in Athens to the magic wooden the place fairies play, Shakespeare’s remarkable A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a play of appeal and an insightful portrait of the predicaments of affection.

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20 To21 the rest – yet my chief humor22 is for a tyrant. 26 (he declaims) The raging27 rocks And shivering shocks28 Shall break the locks Of prison gates, 12 representing 13 set down ϭ put/written down (“scheduled,” on the list from which Quince is reading) 14 what is ϭ what is the nature/condition of 15 splendid, grand, courtier-like 16 call for 17 look to ϭ attend to, take care/be careful of 18 start, bring, stir up, excite 19 lament, grieve 20 in some measure ϭ somewhat, to an extent, in some degree 21 for, as for 22 disposition, temperament, style, liking 23 Hercules (mangled – though not Cockney-fashion, since “the correct use of h had not yet become a shibboleth of gentility”; Kökeritz, Shakespeare’s Pronunciation, 308) 24 unusually well, splendidly 25 tear a cat ϭ swagger, rant 26 all split ϭ the whole audience go to pieces (see OED, tear, 1d, illustration) 27 violent 28 sudden violent collisions/blows 21 15 20 25 act 1 • scene 2 And Phibbus’ car29 Shall shine from far 30 And make and mar30 The foolish Fates.

172 Hermia If then true lovers have been ever crossed,173 It stands as an edict174 in destiny. Then let us teach our trial175 patience,176 Because it is a customary177 cross, As due178 to love as thoughts and dreams and sighs, Wishes and tears, poor179 fancy’s followers. 180 Therefore hear me, Hermia. I have a widow aunt, a dowager Of great revenue,181 and she hath no child. 168 darkened, murky 169 impulse, whim, caprice, fit of temper 170 displays, lays open (to sight) 171 quick bright ϭ quickly/lively shining/gleaming 172 ruin, destruction (conFYUziON)* 173 ever crossed ϭ always/eternally (adverb) thwarted/afflicted 174 rule, law (eeDICT) 175 testing, struggle, affliction 176 PAseeENCE 177 common, usual 178 as due ϭ just as rightful/owed/belonging 179 poor fancy’s ϭ humble/insignificant* imagination’s 180 argument, conviction, opinion 181 reVENue (A Dictionary of the English Language, ed.

The spring, the summer, The childing autumn, angry winter, change Their wonted liveries. And the mazèd world, By their increase, now knows not which is which. And this same progeny of evils comes From our debate, from our dissension. We are their parents and original. 81–117) What Titania is saying is that, just as she and Oberon have been upset, so too has the world. They are immortal, but the consequences of their wrangling are everywhere visible and, for the poor mortals who do not live in the fairies’ shadow realm, those consequences are exceedingly bad.

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