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Bargains an summary of the new theoretical and functional effects accomplished in gas-solid (G/S), liquid-solid (L/S), and gas-liquid (G/L) adsorption examine.

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134) are shown in Fig. 8; however; by inserting Eq. (134) into Eq. (133), the decreasing character of BF;min can be calculated explicitly: BF;min ¼ 4 wF ð135Þ In Fig. 8, the values of BF;min are represented by horizontal dotted lines. For the determination of other types of isotherm corresponding to Eq. (128), it is essential to calculate the function BF ðYÞ which fulfils the condition cmF ðYÞ ¼ 1 ð136Þ According to Eq. (125), condition (136) is met by the following values of BF and Y: BF ¼ 1 wF À Y In Fig.

However, Eq. (199) relates to heterogeneous surfaces; therefore, instead of U0 , the corresponding value of the differential adsorptive potential, U0diff , should be present in Eq. (205). 0 Y ¼ kBÀ1 exp½U0diff ðY ¼ 0ފ P ð207Þ Interpretation of Adsorption Isotherms 43 For Eq. 0 Y ¼ ðKT wT Þ1=t P So, comparing Eq. (208) with Eq. (207), we obtain  diff  U ðY ¼ 0Þ ðKT wT Þ1=t ¼ kBÀ1 exp 0 RT that is, KT ¼  diff  kBÀt tU0 ðY ¼ 0Þ exp wT RT ð208Þ ð209Þ ð210Þ For practical applications of Eq. (201), a three-parameter fitting procedure is proposed.

In particular, in Fig. 11, (isotherms of Type III) Asr ðYÞ < 1 ð145Þ is valid in the whole domain of coverage; that is, Asr ðYÞ < Asid ð146Þ This means that the change in free energy of the surface is always less than that would have been caused by a two-dimensional ideal monolayer completed on a homogeneous surface. However, for isotherms of Type I and V (in Figs. 10 and 12, respectively), there always exists a definite coverage where Asr ðYÞ ¼ Asid ð147Þ The values of Y and Pr;m when Eq. (147) is valid are excellent and very simple parameters characterizing the adsorption system investigated.

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