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By Per-Olov Lowdin

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Let us first recall the definitions of subspaces of representation and of an induced representation. (a) Subspaces of representation. Let V be a vector space over the field of the complex numbers. Let GL(V) be the group of the isomorphisms of ‘V onto itself. Let G be a finite group. A linear representation of G is a homomorphism p of the group G in the group GL(V). Let the decomposition of Vin direct sum of subspaces be V = W, 0 W, 0 0 W,; we suppose that: (a) all the Wi are permuted by G , so that if s E G, p(s)Wi is one of the W j ;(b) G permutes the W itransitively; in other words, for i and j given, there is one s, s E G , such that p(s)Wi = Wj .

S . (1960). J. Chem. Phys. 32,933. BIST,H. , BRAND,J. C. , and WILLIAMS, D. R. (1966). J. Spectrosc. 21,76. BIST,H. , BRAND,J. C. , and WILLIAMS, D. R. (1 967a). J. Mol. Spectrosc. 24,413. BIST, H. , BRAND,J. C. , and WILLIAMS, D. R. (1967b). J. MoI. Spectrosc. 24, 402. BRAND,J. C. , WILLIAMS, D. , and COOK,T. J. (1966). J. MoI. Spectrosc. 20, 359. BRAND,J. C. , and WILLIAMS, D. R. (1968). J. Mol. Spectrosc. 26, 398. Symmetry Groups of Nonrigid Molecules 35 BRAND, J. C. , JONES, V. , FORREST, B.

B. Exclusion Principle. . . C. Spin Eigenfunctions . . D. Spin-Adapted Antisymmetrized Wavefunctions . . E. Outline . . . . 11. Genealogical Spin Functions. A. Yamanouchi-Kotani Functions . B. Serber Functions . . C. Comparison of YK and Serber Functions . . . D. Practicality of Spin-Coupling Techniques . 111. Spin Functions by Group-Theoretical Techniques . . . A. Wigner Operator Bases for Orthogonal Irreps of S, . B. Minimal Left Ideals and Primitive Idempotents . C. Young Diagrams, Tableaux, and Operators .

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