Aeroguide 23: Republic Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt II by Roger Chesneau PDF

By Roger Chesneau

ISBN-10: 0946958289

ISBN-13: 9780946958283

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Once in the wing, one could gain access to the wheel well, the engine nacelles, the wing area between the inboard and outboard fuel tanks and the outer wing panel almost to the wingtip. The aileron controls are accessible in the outer wing panel. An exit door opens downward in the floor of the leading edge catwalk immediately outboard of the outboard engine nacelle. ) Hinged Panel At right, open engine nacelle. (NMNA) Below, original engines and nacelles. ) Oil Screen Cover Plug 64 65 ENGINES AND NACELLES FINAL ENGINES AND NACELLES FINAL ENGINE ~UPPORl POWER PLANT: The 28 cylinders of the R4360s were helically arranged around the crankcase in four rows and seven banks.

NOSE LANDING GEAR NOSE LANDING GEAR NOSE GEAR STEERING RIGHT - HAND NOSE GEAR DOOR AND LANDING LIGHT ",,/~;>O---NOS! EXTENDED RETRACTED RETRACTING u Below, in 1947 during a photo shoot of BuNo 85163, the test pilot's son attempts to push the R60 backwards. ) Nose Gear Strut Right Steering Cylinder Restrictor Left Steering Cylinder Below, BuNo 85163, note Lockheed logo and Constitution painted the nose gear opening. (USN) ~f1IlEF ( \, \ \ "- ITEM PAIlT NO. NO. REQ. 1. NOSE GEAR 330014 1 2. ACTUATING CYLINDER 330019 1 3.

FLORIDA PHONE MU t ·9521 PHONE NA '·2131 Another hydraulic problem arose just outside of Globe, AZ, when the HYDRAULIC LOW light came on. 1 engine. He had the engineer isolate the pump after losing 22 gallons from the 55 gallon reserve. Shortly thereafter, the no. 3 engine manifold pressure dropped to 15 inches. Nothing the crew did would return it to full power and no reason for the loss of power could be found. In spite of this the crew soldiered on. They flew on to Gulfport, MS, where they spent the night.

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