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This can be the 3rd released quantity of the lawsuits of the Israel Seminar on Geometric elements of useful research. the big majority of the papers during this quantity are unique study papers. there has been final 12 months a powerful emphasis on classical finite-dimensional convexity conception and its reference to Banach area thought.

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M Proof of Proposition 2. For clarity suppose r = 1 and s = 2. Consider the following telescoping identity (extendible in an obvious way to any r, s): ~ ( ex, , P) - A(e, x , Y ) = A(B - 8, x,P) + A(@,x - x , P) + A(e, x , P - Y). By hypothesis 0 - 8, X - X , and Y - Y all vanish at the point p . Hence, by the lemma, A@, 1, y)(p)= A(8, X , Y)(p). It follows immediately from Proposition 2 that a tensor field A has a value A , at each point p of M , namely, the function E 2:(M) A,:(T,M*)' x (T,M)" + R defined as follows.

X" 0 .. 71, il,. , in). We shall now apply Proposition 42 to make T M a manifold with all such functions as coordinate systems. Thus 4 is a one-to-one function from 71'- '(42) onto the open set 4(%) x R" of R'". 1 Integral Curves 27 Next we show that any two such functions A 1y) x R", then for 1 I i 5 n and t j overlap smoothly. If (a, b) E q(% uiStj-l(a, b) = x'ntj-'(a, b ) = x'q-'(a). Since d/dyi = 2 (dxk/dyi)d/dxk,we also have Thus 4" t j - l is Euclidean smooth. It is easy to check the conditions in Proposition 42 that show T M is a Hausdorff and second countable.

U s ) with ui E F. The usual componentwise definitions of addition and of multiplication by an element of K make V, x ... x V , a module over K, called a direct product (or direct sum if the notation x is replaced by 0). If W is also a module over K , a function A:V1 x ... x K+ w is K-multilinear provided A is K-linear in each slot, that is, for 1 I i I s and u j E vj ( j # i), the function u 4 A ( u , , . . ,ui- 1, is K-linear. 34 0, ui+ 1,. ,us) Tensor Fields 35 If V is a module over K , let V* be the set of all K-linear functions from V to K .

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