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By Masayoshi Miyanishi

ISBN-10: 0821846159

ISBN-13: 9780821846155

Scholars usually locate, in getting down to learn algebraic geometry, that the majority of the intense textbooks at the topic require wisdom of ring conception, box thought, neighborhood jewelry and transcendental box extensions, or even sheaf conception. usually the anticipated history is going well past university arithmetic. This ebook, geared toward senior undergraduates and graduate scholars, grew out of Miyanishi's try to lead scholars to an realizing of algebraic surfaces whereas proposing the required history alongside the way in which. initially released within the eastern in 1990, it offers a self-contained advent to the basics of algebraic geometry. This publication starts with history on commutative algebras, sheaf conception, and similar cohomology thought. the following half introduces schemes and algebraic kinds, the elemental language of algebraic geometry. The final part brings readers to some degree at which they could begin to find out about the type of algebraic surfaces

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