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Those notes are according to lectures given at Yale collage within the spring of 1969. Their item is to teach how algebraic features can be utilized systematically to enhance yes notions of algebraic geometry,which tend to be handled by means of rational features through the use of projective tools. the worldwide constitution that's common during this context is that of an algebraic space—a house got through gluing jointly sheets of affine schemes via algebraic functions.I attempted to imagine no past wisdom of algebraic geometry on thepart of the reader yet used to be not able to be constant approximately this. The try out merely avoided me from constructing any subject systematically. Thus,at top, the notes can function a naive advent to the topic.

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Let us call the geometry r' the opposite-point geometry of r (with respect to p); and r lt the opposite-flag geometry of r (with respect to F). 13 Theorem (Brouwer [1993]). Let r be a finite generalized n-gon of order (8, t). Then the opposite-point geometry ofr with respect to any point is connected if (n,8,t) i- (6,2,2) and (n,8,t) i- (8,2,4). 8. Subpolygons respect to any flag is connected if (n, st) i- (4,4), (6,4), (6,9) and (8,8). For all values of (n, s, t) mentioned as possible exceptions, there do exist examples (namely classical polygons) for which the corresponding opposite-point or oppositeflag geometries are not connected.

In the finite case, there are some heavy restrictions on the orders of subpolygons, in particular on ideal and full subpolygons. A proper subpolygon f' of a polygon f is a subpolygon with f' i= f. 7 Proposition (Thas [1972b], [1974], [1976], [1979]). Let f' be an ideal weak proper sub-n-gon of order (s', t) of a finite generalized n-gon f of order (s, t). Then one of the following cases occurs. (i) n = 3 and f' = f; (ii) n = 4 and s 2: sit; (iii) n = 6 and s 2: s,2 t ; (iv) n = 8 and s 2: S,2 t .

Then s 2': t, and if r is finite, then p is projective if and -0 only if s = t. 40 Chapter 1. Basic Concepts and Results As a preliminary study, we now take a closer look at the cases n = 4,5,6. 6 Regular points in generalized quadrangles For generalized quadrangles it is obvious that the notions of "distance-2-regular point" and "regular point" coincide. So let p be a regular point in a generalized quadrangle. We define the following geometry r~. The points of r~ are the perps xl- of points x collinear with p.

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