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By Janet R. Goodwin

ISBN-10: 0824815475

ISBN-13: 9780824815479

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Broadened, and then only to male suffrage. For seven years, half as many voters as in Germany were essentially given a choice between two conservative parties 34 Japan in the World financed by rival zaibatsu-rather as if Weimar politics had been confined to two variants of the National party, one funded by Krupp and the other by Thyssen. No Social-Democratic movement emerged, Labour never got as much as a tenth of the vote, and the small Communist party was wiped out by the police under parliamentary rule.

Especially important with regard to the industrial revolution was the belief (put into practice) that the sciences-mathematics, physics, and so forth-need not be taught to youngsters in Western languages but in. Japanese. Universal knowledge could be taught in the language of a particular culture. Prodigious e'fforts were made at producing translations. While in the old order translations were limited mainly to Dutch medical works on anatomy and diseases, now the fields were vastly expanded to include all the branches of the sciences.

Japanese collaboration is an essential condition of American power and prosperity. Since Commodore Perry's days, there is also a section of interested opinion in this country that would rather declare the Japanese white and get on with business. But the divide remains, and as interests diverge and the ideological cement of anticommunism dissolves, the United States and Japan may enter us into an era in which race, not ideology, shall define international relations. Racial and cultural divides are more easily crossed in relationships of inequality and subservience than in situations that require antagonistic collaboration between equals.

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