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It is legitimate, position from the quality is unaltered. that provided Immediate Inferences. E) is is exactly equivalent to The Soul is After ob verting regarded as A). 2 1 immortal (which (or turning any proposition into the equivalent one of opposite quality) we can of course convert the obverse. This process is known by logicians as Conversion by Contraposition. The propositions A, E and can be converted by con traposition, but I cannot. There another peculiar kind of inference from a single proposition in which we argue from its truth not to the truth but to the falsehood of another, or is This takes place in what is called Contradic Contradictory propositions have the same subject vice versa.

Comprehension, or iniension of any name, thus understood, is the idea which the name stands for. See page 2. into parts or not. tion, An io Introduction to Logic. same thing, except that the use of the term implies that this meaning is stated in words. The Denotation individuals to or Extension of a term whom it is the Duke of Wellington, individual Man is Julius Ceesar, John Smith, and the other all that ever have been or ever will he in It is a matter of accident whether a general the world. name men the different Thus, the Deno applicahle.

And that called a general idea, is might be called a singular 5 of a singular idea. is Logic term mainly concerned with general terms and general ideas, as it will be found that a very little information can be con introducing them. veyed without Thus, if I say we express a general term, because many other persons have been wise as well as Socrates. Indeed general terms (or singular terms Socrates was wise (which for logical purposes Socrates was a wise man) the made up term wise of general terms limiting is and qualifying each other) are the only terms that, properly speaking, have a meaning.

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