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2 Double chain silicates. double chain parallel to the c axis as occurs in the amphiboles -- - - double chains viewed at right angles to the c axis: the chains are linked together by various atoms in the positions shown Phyllosilicates When three oxygens are shared between tetrahedra, phyllosilicates or sheet silicates result. The composition of such a silicate sheet is [Si40,o]~·. Phyllosilicates exhibit 'stacking', in which a sheet of brucite composition containing Mg2+, Fe2+ and (OH)" ions, or a sheet of gibbsite composition containing AI3+ and (OH)" ions, is stacked on to an [Si 40 IO ] silicate sheet or sandwiched between two [Si 40 IO ] silicate sheets (Fig.

Absorbing phases (opaques or ore minerals) appear grey to bright white as they reflect much more of the incident light, typically 15 to 95 %. Some absorbing minerals appear coloured, but usually colour tints are very slight. 7 Diagrammatic representation of a polished section of a sample of lead ore. g. fluorite (A), barite (B) and the mounting resin (D) appear dark grey. Their brightness depends on their refractive index. The fluorite is almost black. g. galena (C), appear white. Holes, pits and cracks appear black.

Oblique on cleavages and prism edge; yA prism edge is -30°. (100) sections give BXa figures; but as with andalusite an isotropic section should be obtained and a single isogyre used to obtain sign and size of 2V. Multiple twinning occurs on {100}. The higher birefringence and excellent { 100} cleavage, intersected by the {001} parting on the prism face, help to distinguish kyanite from andalusite and other index minerals. See after sillimanite. 27 H = 61h-71f2 = n~ = COLOUR 'HABIT 'CLEAVAGE RELIEF ALTERATION 'BIREFRINGENCE 'EXTINCTION Colourless.

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