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By Krause

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ISBN-10: 1118524330

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Research of electrical equipment and force platforms by means of Krause, Paul C., Wasynczuk, Oleg, Sudhoff, Scott D., Pekarek [Wiley-IEEE Press, 2013] (Hardcover) third version [ Hardcover ]

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Currents induced in the rotor windings create a magnetic system as well (rotor poles), and these will also rotate about the air-gap of the machine. 4-2. In this case, the flux issuing along the as1-axis; one-half returns across the air-gap in the top half of the stator and one-half in the lower one-half. Similarly the flux issuing along the as2-axis; one-half returns across the air gap in the top one-half of the stator and one-half on the lower one-half. It is interesting to note that when balanced two-phase currents flow in the stator windings, the air-gap MMF (poles) created by the stator currents rotate from the as1- and as2-axes to the bs1- and bs2-axes or (π/4) rad, while the electrical system has rotated (π/2) rad, as in the case of the two-pole system.

3-1 can be used to express fe. 3-75) With the convention established, a positive electromagnetic force is assumed to act in the direction of increasing x. 3-76) we see that energy is supplied to the coupling field from the mechanical system when fe and dx are opposite in sign, and energy is supplied to the mechanical system from the coupling field when fe and dx are the same in sign. 3-75) it is apparent that when the change of L(x) with respect to x is negative, fe is negative. 3-3, the change L(x) with respect to x is always negative, therefore, the electromagnetic force is in the direction so as to pull the movable member to the stationary member.

It is interesting that the LB associated with the self-inductances is also the coefficient of the double-angle mutual inductance between stator phases. This is shown in Chapter 2. 4-4. 4-5. A two-pole, three-phase, salient-pole synchronous machine. 4-5. 4-17) It is left to the reader to verify the stator mutual inductances. A practical synchronous machine is equipped with damper windings on the rotor that by induction motor action, damp low-frequency oscillations about a steady-state operating point.

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