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This ebook is split into elements. the 1st half is initial and comprises algebraic quantity concept and the idea of semisimple algebras. There are crucial issues: type of quadratic types and quadratic Diophantine equations. the second one subject is a brand new framework which incorporates the research of Gauss at the sums of 3 squares as a different case. To make the publication concise, the writer proves a few easy theorems in quantity idea basically in a few detailed situations. besides the fact that, the booklet is self-contained whilst the bottom box is the rational quantity box, and the most theorems are said with an arbitrary quantity box because the base box. So the reader accustomed to classification box idea should be capable of examine the mathematics concept of quadratic varieties with out extra references.

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Thus N (XY ) = [J : Y X] = [J : X][X : Y X] = [J : X][J : Y ] = N (X)N (Y ). 8. Given a fractional ideal X, take integral ideals S and T so that X = S −1 T, and put N (X) = N (S)−1 N (T ). 7 we easily see that this is well defined, and X → N (X) is a homomorphism of the ideal group of F into Q× ; N (X) is called the norm of X. 2) N (αJ) = |NF/Q (α)| for every α ∈ F × . It is sufficient to prove this when α ∈ J. For 0 = α ∈ J let ρ(α) denote the matrix representing the Q-linear automorphism ξ → αξ of the vector space F with respect to a Z-basis of J.

Then ξ − μ = (a− 1)/2 + m(b − 1)/2 ∈ √ Z[ m ] ⊂ Z[μ]. 10a). 11) DF = m if m − 1 ∈ 4Z, DF = 4m if m − 1 ∈ / 4Z. 16. 15, let us now study the decomposition of a prime number p in F. 12c) pJ = P 2 , N (P ) = p. 12c). 13, p is ramified in F exactly when p|m or p|4m according as m − 1 ∈ 4Z or m − 1 ∈ / √ √ 4Z. For instance, take m = −1 and F = Q( −1 ); put P = (1 + −1 )J. 12c). 14. 10(i), for example. 14 is applicable to every odd prime number p. 12b) if and only if x2 − m has no root in Z/pZ. 1, we see that for every odd prime number p that does not divide m, m m = 1, pJ = P ⇐⇒ = −1.

Now / 2Z2 . Also, 1−b2 m√∈ 1+8Z2 if b ∈ 2Z2 and 1−b2 m ≡ 1−m (mod 8Z2 ) if b ∈ √ √ N (2 + 2 ) = 2, N ( −2 ) = 2, and N ( −6 ) = 6. Thus we obtain N (K × ) as × given in the above table. Clearly [Q× 2 : N (K )] = 2 in all cases. If H is a × ×2 ×2 is isomorphic to subgroup of Q2 of index 2, then Q2 ⊂ H. Since Q× 2 /Q2 (Z/2Z)3 , we see that there are exactly seven such H, and clearly the above N (K × ) exhaust them. Exercises. 1. Let F be a field with a normalized discrete order function ν, and let f (x) = xn + c1 xn−1 + · · · + cn−1 x + cn with ci ∈ F ; suppose that ν(c1 ) > 0, .

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