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By Steven J. Zaloga

ISBN-10: 0850453887

ISBN-13: 9780850453881

This publication examines the advance, deployment and layout of armoured cars throughout the center East wars of the overdue twentieth century. Operation ‘Kadesh’, the Six-Day battle and the Yom Kippur struggle are all lined. car colors and markings are proven in complete color art.

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The roof and rear of the cab were canvas. It has apparently been withdrawn from active service in the Russian Federation. BM-21PD The BM-21PD has a specialized mission: the defense of anchorages 32 and other sensitive waters from midget submarines operating at a depth of 3–200m and combat divers. It fires a blunt-nose, short-range (5,000m maximum–300m minimum) PRS-60 rocket that functions as a small depth charge. Unlike the standard BM-21, it is equipped with a rectifier that enables it to be connected to an external AC power grid and has the ability to receive sonar data for targeting purposes.

It includes the same type of advanced features found on the US M270 and M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS). ru) 43 A series of 90km rockets using a new propellant – many with the same warheads as the 70km rockets and including new types such as a reconnaissance UAV payload – were also developed. Designation Warhead Type 9M528 HE fragmentation 9M525 Fragmentation (Cluster – 72 submunitions) 9M526 AT (Cluster – 5 IR homing Motiv-3F anti-tank submunitions) 9M527 AT mine (Cluster – 25 PTM-3 5kg magnetically activated mines) 9M531 AP/AT (Cluster – 646 or 588 dual-purpose submunitions) 9M533 AT (Cluster – 5 IR homing submunitions) 9M532 AT (Cluster – 20 IR homing submunitions) 9M529 Thermobaric 9M530 HE (Earth Penetrator) 9M534 Reconnaissance UAV A rocket with a range of 120km, the 9M452, was created for an export customer by increasing the amount of propellant and reducing the size of HE-fragmentation warhead.

Referred to as a “heavy flamethrower,” it can destroy troops in cover that would otherwise be out of the reach of other weapons. After its combat debut in Afghanistan, the system apparently went into hiatus for a number of years before being reintroduced as the TOS-1A shown here. It demonstrated its value in urban combat in Chechnya and most recently appeared in both Iraq and Syria in action against Islamic State forces. 2: The 9P140. Another 220mm system, the 9P140 Uragan uses a completely different family of rockets to those of the TOS-1A.

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