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Q. Doesn’t non-reaction make one irresponsible? What would happen to one’s job, family, dependants? Doesn’t it destroy yogakshema, happiness, prosperity? A. Really speaking, does it? Need it? Well then, so what? 55 88. Q. You tell us to watch the mind, you also tell us to ignore the mind. Aren’t they contradictory? A. Why should they be incompatible or contradictory? When you watch the mind without involvement, you are already detached from it, which is ignoring the mind. If you can ignore the mind there is no need to watch it, but if you can’t ignore it, you must watch it and watching it you learn to ignore the mind.

The question, from first to last, is what is Truth, not what is truth for the human mind. And if the human mind can’t know the Truth, why hang on to the mind, why be human at all? If the mind is wedded to falsity why not just leave it? You want a secure guarantee that you would attain the Truth if you left the mind. Leave it first and see. And without leaving it don’t please talk of Truth or the prospects of reaching it. The point is never whether you can attain the Truth but whether you must retain the false.

It is indeed beyond the intellect, the mind and its judgements. Be a good sport! Become that and let us see if you pose the question then, that will be the real test. 76. Q. What is Gnyaana? A. Non-experience awake; sleep non-experience unawake. 77. “Asamveda points to action by non-reaction, does it not? In the present world people do not even have the perception that we can fight injustices and yet be spiritually uplifted. Rather spirituality is the basis on which we revolt against injustices.

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