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In these days Titus was once a prince below Tiberius within the sector of Equitania, in a urban of Libia known as Burgidalla. And Titus had a sore in his correct nose, as a result of a melanoma, and he undesirable his face torn even to the attention. There went forth a undeniable guy from Judaea, through identify Nathan the son of Nahum; for he used to be an Ishmaelite who went from land to land, and from sea to sea, and in all of the ends of the earth. Now Nathan was once despatched from Judaea to the Emperor Tiberius, to hold their treaty to the town of Rome. And Tiberius was once sick, and whole of ulcers and fevers, and had 9 forms of leprosy. And Nathan wanted to visit the town of Rome. however the north wind blew and hindered his crusing, and carried him right down to the harbour of a urban of Libia. Now Titus, seeing the send coming, knew that it used to be from Judaea; and so they all questioned, and stated they had by no means visible any vessel so coming from that zone. And Titus ordered the captain to come back to him, and requested him who he was once. And he stated: i'm Nathan the son of Nahum, of the race of the Ishmaelites, and i'm an issue of Pontius Pilate in Judaea. and i've been despatched to visit Tiberius the Roman emperor, to hold a treaty from Judaea. and a powerful wind got here down upon the ocean, and has introduced me to a rustic that i don't recognize.

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And Titus says: If thou couldst at any time find anything either of cosmetics or herbs which could cure the wound that I have in my face, as thou seest, so that I should become whole, and regain my former health, I should bestow upon thee many good things. And Nathan said to him: I do not know, nor have I ever known, of such things as thou speakest to me about. But for all that, if thou hadst been some time ago in Jerusalem, there thou wouldst have found a choice prophet, whose name was Emanuel, for He will save His people from their sins.

First, of water he made wine; he raised the dead, he cleansed lepers, he enlightened the blind, he cured paralytics, he put demons to flight; he made the deaf hear, the dumb speak; Lazarus, when four days dead, he raised from the tomb; the woman Veronica, who suffered from an issue of blood twelve years, and touched the fringe of his garment, he made whole. Then it pleased the Lord in the heavens, that the Son of God, who, sent into this world as the first-created, had died upon earth, should send his angel; and he commanded Titus and Vespasian, whom I knew in that place where thy throne is.

And he said: Know that Jesus has come into this world, and has been born in Judaea, in a place which is called Bethlehem, and has been given up by the Jews, and scourged, and crucified on Mount Calvary, [3] and has risen again from the dead on the third day. And His disciples have seen Him in the same flesh in which he was born, and He has shown Himself to His disciples, and they have believed in Him. And we indeed wish to become His disciples. Now, let us go and destroy His enemies from the earth, that they may now know that there is none like the Lord our God on the face of the earth.

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