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By Henry Sakaida, Koji Takaki

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B-29! No different time period struck such terror within the hearts of the japanese public in the course of global battle 2 than this unmarried, most-hated identify. It used to be then merely average that the pilots who tried to shoot those high-flying Boeing bombers out of the skies over Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Kobe may still develop into often called the elite of the japanese military Air strength.

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2. All classes, high and low, shall unite in actively carrying out the administra­ tion of affairs of state. 3 . The common people, no less than the civil and military officials, shall be allowed to pursue whatever calling they choose so that p ublic apathy may not beset the land. 4. The evil customs of the past shall be abandoned and everything based on the just laws of Heaven and Earth. 5. Knowledge shall be sought throughout the world so as to invigorate the foundations oflmperial rule. ), Taikei Nihon Kokka Shi, vol.

18 The Meiji Renovation Such visits were to be a regular feature of the Emperor's schedule over the next two decades and contributed towards the creation of a more modern image . The main obj ective of the imperial reformers, however, was to increase the power of the government vis-a-vis the han. Some j un­ ior members of the government, especially the younger samurai with Western knowledge or experience, such as I to Hirobumi and Inoue Kaoru from Choshu, Terajima Munenori from Satsuma and Okuma Shigenobu from Hizen, were eager to advance rapidly along this path.

The position is still more uncertain if one looks at the geographical scale of the uprisings, but even here the peak was reached in 1 869 when the total number The abolition offeudal domains 29 occurred in the territories directly controlled by the new govern­ ment - which would explain the latter's eagerness to increase its power and effectiveness but weakens the argument that the han were under irresistible pressure . It is worth noting, too, that several peasant uprisings after 1 87 1 actually called for the restoration of the daimyo and the old system.

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