Beyond Conventional Boundaries: Uncertainty in Research and by Russell Bishop (auth.), Russell Bishop (eds.) PDF

By Russell Bishop (auth.), Russell Bishop (eds.)

ISBN-10: 946091490X

ISBN-13: 9789460914904

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Hollway (1994) maintains that the continuous attempt to manage anxiety, to protect oneself, is never finally accomplished. Anxiety provides a continuous, driven motive for the negotiation of power in relations. The multiple and contradictory forces have their effects on power relations, on subjectivities, on positions in discourses and practices and therefore on the reproduction of certain knowledges and not others. Hollway’s concept of subjectivity is dynamic, non-unitary, extra-rational and is discoverable only within inter-subjective relations.

Their main characteristic is that “their achievement is a good for the whole community who participate in the practice” (p. , p. 194). Nixon et al. (1997) do not ask from us a cynicism which leads us to leave the institutions in which we practise and to retreat from the contaminated world. With MacIntyre, they claim that practice cannot be sustained without the institution and thus call for a “critical distance” (p. ). , 1997, p. 13). In this book, there is a call to return to the use of words which represent fundamental concepts that have been in never-ending discussion and debate, at least since the beginning of philosophy as we know it.

Morstyn , for example, writes about the pity that this ‘institutional expediency’ is managing to do away with sincerity in the therapeutic relationship: “It is quite remarkable how the current obsession with measurement in Evidence-Based Medicine has managed to eliminate something so centrally important as therapist sincerity from general consideration. Therapists who ‘fake’ sincerity may 29 CHAPTER 3 be very successful in adapting to current cultural conditions but they are ultimately ‘just playing the game’” (Morstyn, 2002, p.

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Beyond Conventional Boundaries: Uncertainty in Research and Practice with Children by Russell Bishop (auth.), Russell Bishop (eds.)

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