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2. WHALLEY, W. , in Biogenesis of Natural Compounds Ed. P. Bernfield, Pergamon Press, London, 797 (1963). 3. BEADLE,G. , Chem. , 37, 15 (1945). BIOSYNTHESIS OF GEODOXIN 59 4. DAVIS, B. D . , in Amino Acid Metabolism, Ed. W. D . McElroy and B. Glass, Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, Baltimore, 799 (1955). 5. , Main Lectures, XVIIth Internat. Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry, II, 99 (1960). 6. , Bot. Mag. Tokyo, 74, 463 (1961). 7. , Biochem. , 30, 1315 (1936). 8. CLUTTERBUCK, P. , Biochem. , 31, 1089 (1937).

1-— \ 3, 3 1 III IV I 1 1 IV FIG. 3. Frequency of plus-variants in different mutants of A. streptomycini at four steps (I—IV) of selection. A — selection of natural variants; ß — selection of UV-induced variants; 1 mutant No. 6010; 2 mutant No. 15-13; 3 mutant No. 15-55; 4 original strain No. 78. Some general regularities of induced mutation selections were demonstrated in the analysis of selective material in Actinomyces antibioticus, the oleandomycin-producing organism. The usual procedure of the multistep selection method was used for the selection of highly active strains.

We now have quite complete information about the intermediate stages of the biosynthesis of these amino acids. Thus, it is known that the biosynthetic steps from aspartic acid are branched and lead in one direction towards lysine production, and in second towards threonine and isoleucine, and in a third to methionine. By interrupting the process of biosynthesis at the main points one could displace a biosynthetic process towards the production of a desired substance. Thus, in order to increase lysine synthesis it is necessary to interrupt the chain of events leading to methionine and threonine.

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