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Although eggs have gotten a bad rap for their cholesterol content, data has shown that dietary cholesterol has less impact on serum cholesterol than was previously supposed. Most people who eat eggs on a regular basis find they don’t increase their cholesterol levels. Omega-3 fortified eggs are now available from flaxseed-fed chickens, which provide an additional benefit. Copyright Will Brink & Internet Publications. WARNING: This e-book is protected by Federal copyright law. It is illegal to re-sell , auction, share or give away this e-book.

Both are excellent sources of high quality protein and provide significant amounts of niacin, vitamin B6 and selenium. • Cottage Cheese: This is one of the most underrated bodybuilding foods. 6, which causes precipitation of the casein proteins. After that, the whey is drained off and the curd is washed repeatedly. The washings function to remove lactose and prevent further acidification of the curd, leaving relatively pure casein protein. It’s also a an excellent source of vitamin B12 and a good source of calcium, phosphorous, zinc, folate, riboflavin and vitamin B6.

A study in 1999, for example, examined how GI affected eating behavior in obese teenage boys. The boys consumed either a high, medium or low GI meal at breakfast and lunch. The researchers then measured how much the boys ate for a 5 hour period after lunch. Each of the meals contained the same number of calories. Amazingly, the study found food intake was 53 percent greater after the medium GI meal, and a whopping 81 percent greater after the high GI meal, when compared to the low GI meal. As one would expect, insulin levels were dramatically higher after the high GI meal.

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