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By R. Kent Smith

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Construction Vocabulary for school is a vocabulary worktext that is helping scholars elevate their educational vocabulary via a realistic, memorization-based strategy. clients love the booklet for its "conciseness but broadness of application," its specialize in notice elements, its non-condescending tone, and its emphasis on educational phrases. The textual content starts off via offering the fundamentals corresponding to universal prefixes, suffixes, and roots. the teachings in part 1 exchange among those who introduce ten note elements (along with sentences that includes phrases in accordance with each one half) and people who current ten difficult phrases (which look on university flair assessments) containing these note elements. routines following word-parts classes comprise multiple-choice, matching, cloze sentences, and definitions, whereas workouts for difficult phrases classes ask scholars to put in writing their very own definitions and paintings via multiple-choice workouts, cloze sentences, and analogies. the teachings in part 2 introduce phrases from quite a few educational disciplines to assist scholars be successful around the curriculum.The 7th version has been streamlined to higher illustrate the relationship among phrases and educational fields.

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The words “false teeth” are not featured in the ad; instead, the euphemism “dentures” is used. euphemism is a word that is thought to be more (a) refined (b) descriptive than a a word that is more commonly used _____________________________________ . 5. antediluvian (AN ti di LOO ve– n)—adjective e ■ ■ The antediluvian period is the time before the Flood mentioned in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. When I was younger, I thought my parents’ philosophy for raising children was so old-fashioned that it was antediluvian, but I’ve changed my mind since I’ve become a parent.

When did it become possible to take ____________________ snapshots rather than black-and-white ones? Checking Your Word Power After selecting your response, put the letter in the space provided. c __________ 1. The opposite of epilogue is a. index b. chapter c. preface d. graph b __________ 2. The opposite of posthumously is something done a. in anger b. while living c. before thinking d. for revenge d __________ 3. The opposite of culpable is a. sober b. humorous c. guilty d. innocent a __________ 4.

10. syndrome (SIN drom)—noun ■ ■ The syndrome for diabetes includes fatigue, loss of weight, and thirstiness. The economist warned that the syndrome of a recession includes a high rate of unemployment and an unstable stock market. b syndrome is a set of (a) agreements (b) symptoms ________________________ . Matching Challenging Words and Definitions Write each word before its definition. biopsy telepathy autonomy euphemism panacea _______________ autonomy _______________ infidelity _______________ syndrome _______________ 1.

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